I have been Dyeing!


Back in the past summer, I went to one of my favorite farms because they were having a Fiber Fest.  I met two really neat people (Hope and Jen) there who had information about dyeing wool.  I spent a lot of time talking with them giving me their advice and what product to use and how to use it.  Now, in the past, I have dyed wool with Wilton Cake Icing Dye and vinegar  and also black walnuts that I got from a local farm.  But I wanted to do more brighter colors and play with dyes just to see what they can do.  I am having loads of fun making my new Farmer Market Bags mixing and matching all this yarn that I have dyed.  I like to make one of a kind bags and even expanding to making a fair isle blanket.  The blanket is not finished yet but I believe it will work out.  Since all the shows are done for me this season, I have time to play around with things that I put on the back burner.  I do have product in some local gift shops still.