I have been busy with my fiber!

Last year, I got real lucky at at yard sale and got a whole lot of wool yarn and I have been busy!  I have been knitting, felting and dyeing with it.  I have made many Farmer Market Bags and they are all different colors and patterns.  I also made felted hats with the yarn and like with the bags, there are many different colors.  I use low impact dye and enjoy blending the colors and getting different hues.  

As being an Fiber Artist, I like to expand my horizons and I have been trying something new with the dyeing.  I have dyeing wool fabric and making pillows with the finished piece.  I really like the look, and I have to use those wool coats that I got at the thrift stores and yard sales.  I have also been making table runners and pictures with the one of the best wool fabric on the market, all with hand stitching.