Made a donation Today to NHSPCA

As with every year, I make a donation to the NH SPCA in Stratham NH, $1.00 for every needle felted cat toy I sell.  It was $83.00--- so much better than last year!  I make the cat toys out of wool that I get from a local farm in Epping NH.  I get the cat nip herb from a local tea and herb shop in Nottingham NH.  I think these balls are wonderful because I believe everyone wins, the tea shop, the farm, the owner of the cat, and of course, the cat.  

I have been thinking that this new year, I might change where I donate the sales.  Don't get me wrong- I love the Stratham SPCA- I have gotten my Rosie and Elizabeth from there.  There are some other programs out there that I believe are important also.  There are programs that I have dealt with the last couple of years that have helped with low cost spaying and TNR (trap neuter release).  I have 4 cats now that were feral/strays in their earlier life and they have turned into such wonderful pets, everyday, they amaze me with the amount of love they give back to me.  I want to give back to these smaller organizations also.  I will still give a donation to the NH SPCA.