Made Donations Today

As with every year, I add up on how many cat toys I have sold during the year and make a donation to cat shelters.  I only sold 60 toys (sad, sad, sad...we can do better).  This year I am giving $20.00 each to Kitty Angels in Tyngsboro MA, Kitty Rescue in Jaffery NH and NHSPCA in Stratham NH.  I am a big believer in helping all cats, tame and feral.  I have 4 cats that have had a hard start in life,  two were thrown out of a house and left to fend for themselves and two were born outdoors.  Little Annie took us a year to trap her and get her fixed, but now she is an indoor only cat who loves to snuggle and plays with a rubber ball.  They all deserve a chance.  

My cat toys are made from wool that I get from a local farm in Epping NH and I get the cat nip from a local herb/tea shop in Nottingham NH.