Donated money to Cat Rescue groups today

I donated some money today to two local Cat Rescue groups today.  Since I have missed out on a good amount of shows this year because of being sick (I am well now, timing could have been better), I didn't sell as many cat toys this year like last year.  As you know, I make my kitty toys from wool that I get from a local farm and get cat nip from a small business in the next town over. I sell my kitty toys for $2.00 each and for each one I sell, I will give a dollar each to the groups.  This year I am giving $28.00 each to Monadnock Kitty Rescue in Jaffery, who are doing renovations on their building. The other is Kitty Angels in MA, who do a lot of work with feral cats, with TNR and adoptions with cats and kittens who find out that it is nice to have a warm home and food all the time. I have 2 ferals and 2 strays and it is rewarding to have them in my life.  Little Annie, who took us a year to catch her, loves to snuggle and get a belly rub. It was so wonderful when she did it for the first time! Oh what a feeling!